Anonymous asked: "Yo yo you are still my favorite blog. Keep being awesome and beautiful. B)"

Wow 0o0 I will! Thank you

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Anonymous asked: "I don't know why, but maybe the name Angela or Felicity?"

I’ve never heard of “Felicity” :0 Tho I really like Angela but it doesn’t sound nice in Russian ;-;

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Anonymous asked: "pls its okay i feel like shit too my friend asked me if i was okay and i nearly burst into tears there and then can we cry together pls its easier when youre not alone and your company isnt constantly asking you whats wrong ily"

No, poor Nonny ;-; I hope you’ll feel better! I felt bad cause I got food poisoned and I’ve been feeling terrible all day.. It’s better now I guess.. You can whine to me if you need to talk. Please take care! ;-;


new ask meme: go into my face tag and tell me what name u would give me if u had to choose a name for me based on what i look like

Anonymous asked: "aww i know you might feel sad now, but dont forget, there will be always someone who believes in you. dont give up TwT i had a really shit day as well, lets cry in the corner together"

I used couch instead of a corner ;w; Thank you, Nonny, I hope you’ll have a better tomorrow as well!

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Thank you, I hope so too! <3

Thank you, I hope so too! <3

Even worse now ;___;


pastel babies&#160;; v&#160;;


pastel babies ; v ;

spookyaus asked: "pls feel better soon sends u a hundred hugs <3"

Thank you a lot (/;-;)/

aphdenmark asked: "hey you!!! you're amazing and you can punch bad days in the face!! rock on!!!"

I am bad guy who punches bad days in the face and then jumps on one leg and curses cause her fist hurts ;w; thank you!

warofthreeallegiances asked: "Okay, you asked for it. You are a wonderful, lovely person, and even though we've only spoken through broken asks, I do like you being on my dash. Just keep that in mind. And have a hug from me."

Thank you (/;o;)/

Can someone please send me smt nice? ;-;

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Amsterdam - Netherlands (von Nastasiya-k)


Amsterdam - Netherlands (von Nastasiya-k)


It looks like food poisoning.. Oh gods I am dying

fuck I dont want to call an ambulance..

It looks like food poisoning.. Oh gods I am dying